Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm a Hero

I saved many lives at work today.

This particular man, I saved about 10 times. I performed CPR, used the AED machine, and performed more CPR. Probably broke his rib cage... but 'injury is better than death.'

Then this particular man turned into a child. I saved the child's life like 8 times. Amazing what skills I possess to do all that in one day's work.

Then... I saved a baby's life. Many many times.

Wow. I'm amazing.

Under my leadership:
"You, call 911! You, get the first aid kit and bring me the AED!" You, with the iPhone, take a picture of me saving this child's life!"

I am now 1st Aid & CPR Certified thanks to work.

Now I can save lost lives and lost souls.

I'm a full on hero.


YoungisLearning said...


In about 5-10 years, the whole concept of CPR might change because there is new research out suggesting that CPR can actually kill instead of save. AEDs for the win :).

billykim said...

I knew there was a hero in you!

Jonathan said...

i heard that they've eliminated mouth-to-mouth in cpr these days, since the good it does is little compared to just constant chest compressions. which did you do?

Christina Song said...

this is so awesome! and with a legit certification. dang good job, cho!

Anonymous said...

shoulda been a doctor