Friday, July 1, 2011

Reflections on Resolved

I admire the speakers very much (as many of you know). I admire them because of their ministry and their zeal and passion for the word of God. I also love their work, whether it be their books, blogs, sermons, and what not. And so to have this opportunity for the second time to go to Resolved to hear and see these men live was a huge blessing to me.

I've met all of these men before and taken pictures with all of them with the exception of John MacArthur (he escapes me every time). Here are a few from this year:

In order: Rick Holland, Al Mohler, Phil Johnson, Bob Kauflin.

The biggest reflection I've had on Resolved was not in the sermons, but in the opportunities and blessings given me by God. I walked around before a session and looked around to see the thousands of people who were gathered at this conference. Shocking - filled with excitement for the word and for worship. I looked to the front and saw some of my heroes in front of me. I realized I had gotten a chance to meet them multiple times and taken pictures with them. I looked in my bag filled with books that have spurred me towards Christ - some of them signed by their authors. I thought of all the books I had at home and how I was blessed to own them...though many remained unread. I thought of the sermons I had heard at earlier sessions, then to the sound teaching I get to hear week after week at my own church. Then I looked before me and saw my Bible, the very word of God, in my hands. I remembered the 5 other Bibles I had at home. I stood amazed and awed at how much God had given me - so many opportunities and resources to know Him more.

I am a Christian who is blessed beyond what I deserve. I can say that alone about just the mere fact that God has saved me. But to have multiple copies of the word, to have books a-plenty that spur my thoughts of Christ, to have met my favorite authors/speakers, to have sound teaching, to have consistent life-examples in my own life, to have conference opportunities like Resolved... these are gracious gifts abounding from God. They are meant to drive me more towards him and I am thankful. I don't want to waste any of it. I have been given these resources so I can use them and know Him more.

What good is it if I just own these books, meet these examples, attend these conferences, and forget about it soon afterwards? No - I've been given this opportunity that few people than we realize receive - why would I waste it? I will not waste it.

Been reading, praying, reflecting much. It has been good.

Resolved: To use all God has blessed me with - the Word (especially), the books, the examples, the sermons, the church family, the conferences, and whatever else he sends my way - to know the giver of these gifts more.

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Christina Song said...

thanks for sharing and bringing to attention my very own resources, books, and people God has placed in my life (oh how blind i can be). i, too, shall not let it go to waste. WOOT!