Friday, October 29, 2010

The Wonders of Coffee

Coffee gives me the runs. And by runs, I mean diarrhea.

Knowing this, I stayed away from coffee and chose the nice alternative of green tea.

But at work when my favorite tea was gone and my only other option was our Starbucks Coffee Machine, I went for that option. And yes, I did get diarrhea.

I'm glad to report that I can now go through a cup of coffee without diarrhea. In fact, 1.5 cups of coffee without diarrhea!

What kept me coming back to the coffee? Well... let me spare you 1,000 words....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sling Shot

Aha! Finally - my passion to write is returning and I can feel it!

I think I'll try to write more than once a month now. This will be fun.

Random thought: I like telling stories. Here's a random one.

Today, as I awoke to a new wonderful morning, my initial thought was: Yes! The rain has probably washed my car! I kid you not, I was incredibly excited! So much so that I quickly proceeded to walk outside and admired the beauty of my rain-cleaned car... but as I approached the rear... to my utmost horror... my car had again been bird poop bombed! O, how these birds are true ninjas.... But... to their utmost horror, what they don't know is... I now have a slingshot!

Say hello to my stress killer at work.
It literally hangs in my office, ready for its master (that would be me) to call it to use.

The crumbled pieces of paper (aka: my mistakes) = ammo

Yes, I can hit the bulls-eye. (Disclaimer: I really can. It just takes me 50 times).

It's practice... for you Ninja Birds!
(Disclaimer: I am really not going to shoot the birds. Come on. That's plain stupidity....That would probably cause me to break my window)!