Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Elevator Theory-Truth

The past few weeks I have been at training for work and I came upon a particularly interesting observation (I know, finally right?!).

I call this observation... the ELEVATOR THEORY.
Well... it was a theory until Jon Kang and Jacob Shin bashed on me saying that "Theories can't be proven." So just to spite them, I now call this...


The Observation:
Quite sleepy after finally finishing training, I entered the elevator with a few fellow trainees as we departed on a particularly long elevator journey down from the 8th floor. We stopped on the 7th floor... then the 6th... then the 5th... then the 4th - by now I was grumpy and half asleep and starting to go into what many people call, "La-la land." When the elevator stopped and opened on the 3rd floor, I had somehow gotten to the middle of the elevator (I must have been sleep-walking or something). I lifted my eyes as the elevator doors parted like the Red Sea and... Low and Behold! A man and a woman stood in front of me. The man looked at the woman and said, "Please do go ahead in." The woman looked at the man and said, "no no, you go in first." The man lowered his hands towards the elevator and replied, "Ladies first." The woman looked at the man and said, "No no, please after you."

And they just kept going... I was in disbelief and gave them a blank stare. During my blank stare the elevator doors started closing like the Red Sea did on the Egyptians. The two looked up as the doors had shut more than halfway and both their faces expressed shock. Both of them tried to reach their arm in, but both were too late. Everyone in the elevator could not help but giggle... I could not help but laugh.

Ironic how if either the man or the woman went first, both would have not missed the elevator... but since both were waiting for the other, both missed the elevator!

So the elevator truth is pretty simple: ...sometimes, you just have to do something!

Be courteous... but act! Don't wait around for others all the time; if it needs to be done it needs to be done. Take a risk =]

*Also note... that sometimes an act of courtesy is to accept the act of courtesy being offered to you.

*I have been very busy the past month and a half, but I have many great entries to come - I will not fail you - trusttt


Calvin said...

Also have you noticed taht when you're in an elevator full of strangers, every stares at the top where it shows you what floor your moving to?

it's a sign of wanting to get off i think...

immabum said...

I hate when I get on an elevator and realize that I need to fart or pee really really bad. The ride becomes a torturous journey through hell and back. :(

xSAMgyupsal said...

HAhaH yeas. 'Tis important to be courteous, and also do what is needed. :)

Oh yeah, sorry about your adoption quote earlier. HAha I was still in analyzing mode :[ 'Tis a great quote though. It was very thought provoking. Thanks for sharing :)

Roger said...

"but I have many great entries to come - I will not fail you"

i'll frame that liner, lookin' forward to good articles :D

saehoon said...

hahaha classic humor

kristnah said...

hahahahhah funnayy!! training? new job?

anniemaniacs said...

i thought this elevator thing was going to refer to suman's comm 10 stuff.

aww, that possibly far-left/right feminist shouldve just gone in.

wonder wht kinda conversation they had when they waited for the elevator again