Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts of a Post Grad... on being Grounded

After a 2 month+ hiatus, I am back! Thanks for the encouragements from all my blog readers. So here's a shout out to Ashley Chin - thanks for peeling my tangerine when I was prideful saying I could do it... and for some reason had difficulty doing so.... And here's a shout out to Leo - here's to getting started in blogging again! Alright - straight to the important stuff.

My short Post-Grad life has taught me a very important thing - that is - the Importance of being Grounded.
It is so easy to be swayed by the people who influence you - by leaders, pastors, and peers who claim and seem to know it all. It's easy to jump into a movement or belief that has momentum to it. It's easy to follow pastors, then a new pastor, then a new pastor - whatever they teach. So here's my plead - DON'T - at least not blindly. Don't be grounded in PEOPLE. People are flawed, they will leave, and they will not be a solid rock on which you stand. For goodness sakes I plead with all my readers to be grounded in the Word - on Christ the solid rock. And do that now - not after post-grad.

I love John Piper. I love his teaching. My profile picture is a picture I took with him. However - my trust is NOT in him. I do NOT agree with everything he says (although I do agree with the heavy majority of it). What I'm trying to say is this - Have your own beliefs! Not based on what people say, but on the Word. Have your own beliefs and stick to it - own what you know and defend the truth. When a new leader comes with new beliefs don't be swayed left and right - stand on some solid ground. Be grounded.


Susie Yoo said...

werd, i feel you

MMKae said...

cho, this was a very good post. i agree with you because it is in accord with the Word... haha. i am INFLUENCED by you too. =D

xSAMgyupsal said...

Welcome back Cho! I was wondering when you were coming back to the blogging world. lol

and Amen to your post in more ways than one. :]

kristnah said...

yeaaa.. i def need to be strong in the Word for sure seeing how easily i can be swayed by ppl..

Sam Bay said...


Sooo good to see you at Ligoniers my fellow brother in Christ :D

Thanks for the post. That was actually something that I've been thinking about a lot too.

I hope that God brings us together in the near future so we can share how He is working in our lives!

hannah said...

muahahaha. guess what. in london, i met john piper and wayne grudem!!! it made me think of u. :)

i really enjoyed grudem's talk on politics and christianity. i wonder if it can be found somewhere. i'll look for it for u! :)