Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quarter-life Crisis

Quarter-life crisis... who would have thought I'd be going through it?!

God is Sovereign... God is Sovereign... when one person said that to me, I brushed it off even though I knew it was true. So cliche. When a second person said that to me today, it hit me as comforting. So true!
Sometimes we need multiple reminders from multiple people.

God is Sovereign.
Its not cliche if its really true =]


kristnah said...

yeaa.. i need constant reminder.. my head knows but my heart forgets..

even if it doesnt hit us, HE IS SOVEREIGN! =D

saehoon said...

Be still and know that He is God.

rebs jung said...

its okay cho :)


ReflectionReaction said...

Hmm... I can see how we can get so desensitized to the word that it becomes "obvious" in our minds. Words do that to ya. And often times, words are a huge understatement and just too insufficient to capture the entirety of something so grand like His sovereignty. God is sovereign. It's a phrase in our minds. I think God is just trying to drill it into your heart :)

billykim said...

i went through that last year too!