Friday, September 25, 2009

Rest Stop

Wow it's been crazy lately! So much going on, so much more left to do - hecticness for sureeeee. But I love what Pastor Danny told me about a week ago.

Sometimes you just gotta stop and ask yourself, How's your prayer life? How's your devotional and quiet time with God? And you gotta just remember the former times when you first became a Christian, and you had no responsibilities, no leadership roles, no logistics. All you had to do was read the word, pray, and soak in God's presence.

I can't wait till today is over so I can do just that - I'm rather super super excited! I relish those moments.


Anonymous said...

i recommend The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer for meditation and prayer [:

Calvin said...

yes do not forget your roots! do not forget the gospel! i was reminded of that at church today too. go cho go!

xSAMgyupsal said...

simplicity simplicity...
what an epiphany!

man, i need to do that. haha

::sigh:: i suck :p

Pxlimbo said...

i knoww seriouslyy..
its like running on an empty tank of gas..
i can't wait to just soak in God's word :) YAYYY

Jason T. Lee said...


Keep it simple smarty

eunice lee said...

1 cookie for cho, coming right up!