Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello fellow readers! K, I REALLY need your participation on this. I am just curious and I want questions to study SO... please leave a comment with an answer to this...

If you could ask one question to God about God, what would you ask?

(Thanks in advance)!



ChosenCho said...

Just for my own memories - some answers from recent replies

"When are you most happy?"
"Just being in his presence would answer so many things"
"Why us?"
"Why do you allow evil?"
"Bow is it that he's God, like how was it him in the very beginning and no one else?"

ChosenCho said...

"Why did you create us and make us go through all the stress of life and stuff? I mean you must have known its all gonna end up like this."

"Where was Jesus from friday-sunday morning after his death?"

"How do I know you're real?"

"Of course we have faith in Him, but does he have faith in us? People in general - sinners."

johncadengo said...

I'm stealing this from a certain pastor, but...

Can I see your DVD collection?

sharon Lee said...

hi cho
I like your blog
I found it on tracy's haha
creeper status =/

sharon Lee said...

I'll leave a question while I'm here.

This is something I just dont understand,
but why did you redeem me?..
I know all things are ultimately for Your glory and for the magnification of Your Son, and I know that salvation is only by Your grace, but why me? Am I doing okay? :(

How does my sin make you feel? Can you show me? How can I stop?

When are you most happy?
^ I like that one you asked, Cho!

What on this earth brings you the most joy? Can I participate?

ChosenCho said...

haha thanks sharon you creeper. JK =P

haha - i didn't ask any of those questions above - that was someone else. Just pasted them here

charles said...

Why did you allow satan to torment Job?

MMKae said...

This question is a bit rash because I've spent the last hour reading blogs about the differences in theologies and doctrines of various churches. It makes me sad... kind of.

"Why are there are so many doctrinal and theological issues that seem to divide the church more than build it up?"

I actually kind of know the answer, but... I do want to hear it straight from God... haha.

Anonymous said...

I don't know... I would be in too much awe in the presence of God! The question wouldn't matter, being with my Jesus would be all that mattered!

erlcl3e said...

"How did you get to be so awesome?"

You know how alot of people joke about their own awesomeness? Like under their profession in facebook they might say 'being awesome.' (I am guilty of this) Or for example they might go around and jokingly tell people, "I can do this or that or such and such because I am awesome."

It's pretty crazy how God can really truly and honestly say, "I'm awesome." And nobody could disagree. :)

esl said...

how does free will exist with predestination?

Anonymous said...

how did satan fall?

jin said...

Nice page Cho, I have a question:

If Jesus was Jewish and Jews are the chosen people, WHY wouldnt all the religions that recognize Jews as the chosen ones just be Jewish? Wouldnt they have first hand knowledge since they are the chosen ones?

Is it that big of a disparity that Jesus was a prophet as the Jews would like to think and not the son of god as various versions of Christianity believes?

There are so many Christian and Catholic holidays that really originated from pagan beliefs that Jews dont recognize as religious holidays. Christmas is celebrated for Jesus's birthday, but since no one actually knows when Jesus was born, it was determined that Christmas would be celebrated the same day the ancient roman pagan celebrate Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (the day the winter soltice is believe to take place)which has nothing to do with religion at all. Same with Easter. Know one knows when Jesus died and resurrected 3 days later, but since the roman pagans already celebrated the start of spring, it was decided so will the various religions. The bunny was a sign of fertility since they reproduce all the time so the roman pagans celebrated the bunny during the spring (which is thought by many including the roman pagans to be the fertility season)which was adopted by the various religions to celebrate Easter.

I'm not saying one religion is better than the other, but just was wondering...