Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can you love God TOO Much?

I hate it when people say, "You love God too much. You love and read the Bible too much." If you've been told that, take heart! Do not listen to such foolishness. Here are some wise words from Thomas Watson (my favorite Puritan).

"You may over-love the creature. You may love wine too much, and silver too much; but you cannot love God too much. If it were possible to exceed, excess here were a virtue; but it is our sin that we cannot love God enough. 'How weak is thy heart!" (Ezek. 16:20).
-Thomas Watson in All Things for Good


Sam said...

I wouldn't call it "loving God too much," but it's possible to make an idol of theology. It's possible for someone to love theology rather than Theos Himself.

In loving God and loving neighbor, much of the time, we love God BY loving our neighbors. If our supposed "love for God" tramples on the love we could be showing to our neighbors, we might be doing something wrong. Of course, each person has to make that distinction with wisdom and discernment.

Trace said...

I love Thomas Watson.

Maybe too much. HAHA just kidding.

ChosenCho said...

Just because I get people on this post from google searches, I just wanted to clarify for people reading comments too.

You CANNOT love God too much. Loving theology and loving God is NOT the same thing. You study theology not simply because you love the knowledge, but simply because you love God and when you love Him you want to know more about Him.

Anonymous said...

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