Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Grades and Character

Spring quarter 2008, my second year at UCLA, I my first Von Blum class. I had an opportunity to write an essay of my choice on any visual poster that took a stance for a controversial issue and defend my stance on it. The class was an extremely liberal one, with extremely liberal classmates, professors, and TAs. My desire, my passion, my fervor was in writing an essay that was anti-abortion. I did hours upon hours of research, watching videos, learning more and more while being filled with anger at the injustice of abortion. I started my paper on this topic; however, hours later, my mind wandered and remembered that my TA was a very liberal female who was very reputable in giving bad grades, especially if the stances were against the majority belief of the class. In fear, in cowardness, I scrapped the whole paper on abortion that I had already started and wrote a new whole paper on the need to preserve our environment. It was the most shameful "A" I have ever gotten in college.

Fall quarter 2008, my third Von Blum class (I had taken another one over the summer), I have the opportunity to write a paper almost as open-ended as the time I gave up the abortion essay. The class, Professor Von Blum, and all the TAs are still as liberal as ever, but this time, I will not give up my passion and fervor on the topic of abortion. I will not fear a grade - a simple letter - that 'apparently' tells of how one excelled in school, in college. The grade does not make the person; it does not show people who you are. It does not necessarily mean you are smart; it does not mean you excel. There are many wonderous things about people behind just their grades. Its a sad thing that scholarships do not view it as so.

I love people with character. I love people who are a piece of rock - they are solid, and the choices they make reflect it. Talent is a gift my friends, but character is always a choice. This time, my God-driven passion and hatred for abortion - the murder of the unborn - is going to produce an essay that is true and not modified to please the hearts of men. Thank goodness I have an opportunity to do this again. What a joyous essay this is going to be to write. What a sigh of relief.

*If you want to know know all the reasons why I am anti-abortion, do not fear to ask. I will tell you, gladly, and I will not be nazi-like to you. I will just tell you the truth.


johncadengo said...


When you're done, can you e-mail it to me?

Jason T. Lee said...

the teachers always say as long as you support yourself and present a coherent argument...lets see if they really mean it.

Sam Bay said...

Can you e-mail it to me too?

Stephen Kim said...

we did it! :)

you're a stud cho

Susie Yoo said...

you go~ boy!

I'm interested in reading it too, you should just post it on your blog. haha,

good luck on finals, cho!

nasus mik said...
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nasus mik said...

i somehow stalked my way through cadengo's blog and got to yours (i actually know i guess it's not stalking). then, i proceeded to stalk through your blog and i got to this post. i liked it. i think your insight is intriguing. thanks for the read! :)

p.s. i'm pro-choice.