Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am amazed and appalled at how much Christians compromise in the world today. I can't stand it and I don't understand it.

One thing that people seem to compromise is God's standards... in order to reach out to more people. Hmm, something there sounds funny. Giving up God's standards to bring people to God? Compromising God to bring people to God? When did salvation become of the preacher, of the evangelist, or the man? Salvation has been, is, and will always be "of the LORD." (Psalm 3:8 and countless other Bible verses). You don't compromise God for numbers. You don't say, "gay marriage and gay pastors" are okay so that you can have more "christians" among you to count in your numbers.

I got "rebuked" by a nonbeliever yesterday while evangelizing, saying that we should focus on the method of evangelism. That the success rate for us should be at least 50%, and if not, we are doing something wrong and need to change something. Other Christians and churches are receiving those numbers and those success rates. They are also the churches that say salvation is a short prayer, is attending church, is prosperity. They preach a reduced gospel that lacks truth. They deceive people; many in their congregation believe that they are saved, but are not! That drives me nuts. This is what compromise does. Man... since when was evangelism measured by success rates and numbers?! Since when has evangelism become methods methods methods - the smallest amount of truth to reach the biggest amount of people?

Boy, I sure am glad that Salvation is of the LORD! I am glad that evangelism is not about numbers, but about glorifying God! If it weren't, I would focus on numbers and success and I would end up compromising truth. There is nothing I can do to will someone into grace. I am only the messenger. And as the messenger, I will tell TRUTH. The BIGGEST amount of TRUTH to the BIGGEST amount of people.

I can't believe I'm seeing so much compromise in "christianity" today. Argh. Stop compromising. You changing God does not bring people to God. Only God brings people to God. He first Loves. He first draws. Thank goodness for the examples of the Apostales who never compromised and preached only truth. Don't compromise! Chop at everything. If you keep chopping away, the ONLY thing that will STAND is ABSOLUTE TRUTH!


Jacob Israel Shin said...

1Corinthians 1:17

Stephen Kim said...

1 is a 100, and a 100 is 1