Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Needed at outlet after reading Judges.

Judges is so sad to read. The continual unfaithfulness of Israel. God provides appointed Judges to deliver Israel in righteousness, but they are full of faults. God is supremely faithful, Israel continues to be superbly unfaithful. This is what happens what everyone does what is right in his own eyes (Judges 17:6; Judges 21:25).

Israel needs a truly righteous human King. 

I am just like the Israelites. I am continually unfaithful. I need a truly righteous human King. And I need to stop doing what is right in my own eyes, but in that of God. Thank goodness I have a truly righteous divine human King. I need Jesus.


Estefania Belen Cho said...

Judges was a difficult & dark book this past time around for me. But yes, God displays His endless pursuit & redemption in the midst of our wanderings.


Everest said...

Cho, i need a blog update! :D