Sunday, April 10, 2011

Humility Learned from Journals

It's funny reading my old journal entries and seeing how far along I've come. Every time I read it, I laugh and think - What were you thinking?! You were so young. O, you fool. - Of course I have some entries that display a growing sense of wisdom... but in light of what I know now, whenever I read my journals, I can clearly see that I have grown. That I was young back then, but thought I was old and wise.

One day in the future, I will read my journal from this month and think - What were you thinking?! You were so young. O, you fool!

So... I think I will just admit now that I am young. I am inexperienced. I lack wisdom at so many levels. And I need guidance and help - much help. I think I know a lot, but I know so little. I have so much more to learn and so much more to grow. I write my thoughts on this blog and in my personal journal about theological things I've studied or come to understand, but I am merely a child and there are plenty thousands out there who know it, understand it, and can explain it much better than me.

And so I will look to the older men in faith who have much more knowledge in terms of studies, experiences, and life wisdom. I will learn from them. And I am thankful for them. Their guidance and even humility in serving with me and my foolishness has been the most humbling thing to witness and experience.

For everyone who has invested into a sinner like me, thank you so very much. I am forever grateful - truly truly so - for your example, wisdom, knowledge, and investment. I value it very much.

I'm only 22 years old. I'm so young. I have so much more to learn and so much room to grow... so here I go, in humility.


Joe Pak said...

i feel uncomfortable reading old journal posts/entries a lot of the time. I hate seeing myself be so stupid

Kevin Lee said...

Dude. JUST today I pulled up my old xanga to read some old entries. So embarrassing! Haha but I think you make a good point about humility. :)

anna park said...

Cho, you may be young.... BUT you are far more mature than many people i know of your age.

:) continue your walk with God in humility. God gives grace to the humble.

<3 happy bday. <3

sarah chong said...

i completely agree with joe; i always write journal entries to save and read later when i am older- but when that time comes around, i refuse to let myself feel second-hand embarrassment from myself. though it may be a good reminder of humility, like you've written about in this post.

saehoon said...

exact reason why i believe we should ALL be blogging or journaling. so we can see the foolishness of ourselves and the faithfulness of God.

Young said...

Wow, thanks for the insight. This past week I was thinking about how much age is a barrier to effective leadership in the organizations that I'm part of, practicing that Christ-like humility must be really good. Thanks. :-)