Friday, September 10, 2010

Sarah Yim: God's gift for 14 years

When I was 8 years old, there was a certain day that I had the runs... the good old diarrhea. My friend, Allen, was over at my place hanging out with Young (my brother) and me. I had recently gotten a puppy - the cutest little creature you could imagine. And when you're cute 8 year olds, your attention is on the cute puppy. So in my happiness and joy as we were hanging out, I called over to her - "Sarah ~ Sarah ~ Come here ~" I was sitting down comfortably with my legs out, tapping the ground as she puppy ran towards me at puppy speed. And then the unthinkable happened... as soon as she got to me, she puppy bit my crotch area... causing me to yell in surprise. "AhhhhH!" At this moment, I proceeded to diarrhea my pants in front of my friend, Allen. And then I proceeded to laugh because there was nothing else I could do.

When she grew up, she still ran the same way she did as a puppy. And when I saw her run, I would always remember the diarrhea incident. It is such a fond funny memory to me.

Everyone, this is Sarah Yim. I always thought my brother chose the name, Sarah, because he had a crush on a girl named Sarah... but I guess it was because he thought it was a cool name in elementary school. I wanted to name her 'Bingo.' (Fitting for a vegas dog no)?! It was because I had watched the movie, Bingo, and wanted my dog to be just like the dog in the movie. Sarah exceeded Bingo in every way a dog could.

She knew 'Sit,' 'Shake,' 'Other hand.' She knew 'Fetch'... well... or it was a natural reaction of all dogs... that is until she got old and didn't fetch ANYTHING I ever wanted her to! And my brother kind of taught her, 'Stay.' But she never listened to me on that commandment... but I think it's because she couldn't resist being away from me.

Sometimes when I came home from college for breaks, she would be so excited to see me again after so long that she would pee as she jumped and jumped and wagged and wagged. I took the above picture because I thought it was so funny that she was peeing 'her pants... or concrete.' Yeah - that's right Sarah - payback for making me diarrhea my pants!

We fed her from a pink bowl in the shape of a heart. I once told her, "Like master like dog! The way to your heart is food, just like mine!" But I was wrong. She loved me regardless of the food. I remember sometimes we'd go on family vacations and ask a friend to come over and feed her while we're gone. But she wouldn't eat until we came back. If that doesn't prove me wrong, then I don't know what does.

I found out last night that Sarah has passed. The vet said there was no chance for her (she was sick and wasn't eating much for weeks). My dad had to let her go.

Thank you Sarah Yim, for your loyalty and friendship. Thank you for keeping all my secrets and for being able to brighten any sad day. I never thought dogs could smile, but you always did. Thank you Sarah, for loving me.

R.I.P. Sarah Yim - October 23, 1996 - September 9, 2010.

My brother's blog entry about this - he's always great at seeing God in the picture.


johncadengo said...

Your diarrhea story is hilarious and sad. I'm glad you loved your dog. I never really had one. :).

Suzie Hemp said...

cho this was very heartfelt. =) i like that you named your dog sarah

Kevin Lee said...

I remember when we put our dog down... It was quite a sordid day. I'm glad that you can look back fondly on your memories with her. :)

Christina Song said...

What you wrote in the beginning was hilarious. This is such a touching tribute to Sarah, Cho! And she really does smile big! :)

PS. HAHA... the aquarium tix. a lot of shady went down.

kristnah said...

awww.. sarah!!
ahh.. my dog is almost 9 years old. scares me =(

anyhow, thanks for always leaving me nice, encouraging comments =) just wanted to tell you that!

Anna Park said...

Awww cho, this was a really sweet tribute to sarah.

What a coincidence, I just wrote abt abraham today. Haha

Ur incident was quite funny. It will forever remind me of you and sarah.

As sarah was a gift for you and your family for 14 years, I am sure sarah was a blessed dog with such a wonderful family like your fam. :)