Monday, April 26, 2010

Aborting the WRONG Baby

Today's topic is a controversial one that creates tension amongst many people in society, including amongst Christians themselves. Yes - this topic is Abortion - the murder of babies.

That's my stance - abortion is the murder of babies.

I'm not writing this entry to spite people for having had one or believing it is perfectly okay. I'm writing this because a very interesting newsworthy thing happened in Sarasota, Florida.

A woman with twins had decided on a "selective termination" of one of her babies who was identified as having down syndrome. However, the doctor made a mistake and aborted the wrong baby. He had killed a perfectly healthy female baby rather than the 'defected' male baby carrying the markers of down syndrome. He lost his license for this and was involuntarily hospitalized because he said he planned suicide.

Any way you look at this - this abortion of the healthy baby was murder. The mother knows it, the hospital staff knows it, the doctor knows it, and above all God knows it. I guarantee that the mother in all aspects regrets her decision. I guarantee that the doctor is filled with guilt (thus wanting suicide). And I guarantee people reading this are angered that this doctor could make such a mistake. For goodness sakes it made me furious. It made the whole city furious - one can only be filled with anger and sadness when they hear and read this story about a healthy baby whose life was wrongly taken in the womb. It was supposed to be the other baby! BUT hold your thought. If a healthy baby's abortion is murder, then every abortion is murder! Are people today with down syndrome any less human than all of us? No. They are amazing people with personalities and gifts special and unique to them like all of us.

Many healthy babies are being aborted today along with babies with even slight signs of defects. The twin baby with signs of down syndrome was NOT the right baby. The healthy twin baby that was aborted was not alone the wrong baby. ALL babies are the wrong baby.

**If you read this and have had an abortion - Please know that there is forgiveness and grace in God through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior who takes away the sins of the world, including abortion. May Christ minister to your soul and may the church provide love and care for you. If I may point to a past entry (a reminder for Christians who agree with me and words of hopeful comfort to those who need forgiveness).

*First read about this in Al Mohler's Blog


anniemaniacs said...

whoa. did not know ab this news event at all. thanks for the post. life is precious.

johncadengo said...
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johncadengo said...

I wrote an article titled Abortion is Today's Slavery. You'll find it on page 9:

Roger said...

thanks for sharing this report cho, i believe abortion is murder. but so many "special case scenarios" really put my convictions to the test. i guess i'll talk with you more on saturday concerning this subject.

estef.cho said...

Well said... So heartbreaking</3

jams said...

dang, that's just crazy. thanks for sharing cho.
read cadengo's article! (i liked it)

EliasThinks said...

every baby is the wrong baby.

ChosenCho said...

This is sad. In UK where partial birth abortions are done, a baby was aborted but later found to be alive. Once born it is a citizen of the country and has every human right so the doctors had to try to save him - he died 1 day later.

Apparently this is more frequent than we think.

Susie Yoo said...

great entry, cho. it's definitely an issue that should gain MUCH MUCH more awareness than it has now.

but i was just curious about your opinion on EC (emergency contraceptives aka the morning after pill). in p-school right now, we're pretty much being brainwashed to think that regardless of what beliefs we hold-- as professionals, we are to dispense these EC drugs to patients when they request for them. it hasn't settled right with me yet. what do you think?

ChosenCho said...

hi susie,

dang that's a tough question...
I've been wondering about it for a while now ever since you asked.

the argument with morning after pills is that you don't know if the woman is pregnant, going to be pregnant, or not going to be pregnant at all. If pregnant... then I believe it's ending the life that was started.

what to do in your position... heh that's a great question. I don't know =/ Maybe i'll get back to you if I ever think of something

hannah said...

cho--great entry. i was really touched. i'm actually in the UK right now working with a christian legal organization that focuses on life issues (from the womb to the tomb), same sex marriage and religious liberty.

here's an article i wrote about the current events re: abortion in the UK