Saturday, November 28, 2009

Las Vegas vs Los Angeles

I don't know where to call home... Las Vegas or Los Angeles! But I do know that there are pros and cons of each city!

Las Vegas - Pros
-Amazing great SMOOTH WIDE roads
-Free parking everywhere (except downtown... but who goes there?)
-Very clean China Town
-Best pho on the planet
-Best tea/snack places
-Best buffets
-New nice clean Korean market - with nice parking
-The strip
-AWESOME lights (especially during Christmas season)
-Opportunity Village's Magical Forest (Christmas season)
-Red Rock Canyon
-Lots of nice business parks/plazas
-Nice cold winters! (I love cold weather)
-$1 bowling after midnight
-$3.99 steak, eggs, toast, hash browns after midnight
-Everything's open late night

Las Vegas - Cons
-SIN City (lots of temptations)
-STATIC ELECTRICITY! I Average 10 shocks a day... amazing....
-CHAP lips, DRY skin
-HOT summers

Los Angeles - Pros
-Sports teams!
-Nice weather for the entire year
-Korean Food Heaven
-Mexican Food Heaven
-Jason Lee

Los Angeles - Cons
-No Parking/Bad Parking Situations
-Too much traffic
-Rough bad horrible roads


xSAMgyupsal said...


chinatown is supposed to be dirty.

Jason T. Lee said...

i want to eat steak and eggs :)

rebs jung said...


Anonymous said...

haha, i love jason lee :D i love you too tho, cho :D can't wait to see you again! it's freezing in the bay area >_< comin' back home to LA tomorrow morning :D

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Jason Lee
btw you forgot CCAC, but i guess that's under "valley" :D

Pxlimbo said...

dude seriously..
living in Vegas wouldn't be too bad.
my brother came home and was like.. "MOM! WE SHOULD LIVE IN VEGAS!"
LOOOL my brother have become a cho fan LOL =)

Miranda Lee said...

If you were a Christian, you would run away from Sin City into the arms of Lovingly Awesome City (L.A.)
So, Cho - what is it going to be? Will you remain faithful?

eunice lee said...

I love cold weather too! Hmmm Vegas sounds nicer here. Hahah and definitely cheaper to get around.

P.S. your cookie's coming. (i think. hopefully)

Roger said...

stay in LA! i can't imagine another homie leaving lol