Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dead week ? Nope! Grace Week!

I wrote a sermon for seeker group on the sinfulness of sin. Spent my whole time in the Masters Seminary library (during Shepherd's conference) searching over scriptures just on sin and anything that could relate. So many! But I realized I only needed a couple passages - I only needed to focus on one sin - the fall. One sin is wickedly wicked. And we didn't stop at that one sin. We kept going and still do keep going.
In light of this, I glory even more so in Christ because only He can make one so evil such as I righteous before God. And because of the death I deserved, for the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), because of the eternal wrath of God I should receive, because of the pure evil of sin, I cannot call 10th week, "Dead Week," as the entire college does.
10th week I have a final group project, 2 final essays, 1 final quiz, and 1 final - all within 4 days. Yet, I cannot bring myself to call it dead week. I have to call it "Grace Week" because this is nothing close to the death I deserve. Oh how great grace is.
Today I turned in 35 pages worth of a final group project and a final essay. The final quiz is out of the way. I have one more 7 page essay and 1 final left. All of this with a broken left hand that is hard to type with. God is gracious. What a beautiful "Grace Week."


xSAMgyupsal said...

mmm... that's so encouraging to see someone with such joy in Christ especially in such crazy times.... :] the Lord is indeed so gracious... every breath we take is from the Lord.... and we're still alive and kicking even though we totally do not deserve anything!!

man that's so awesome Cho :D i'm glad you're having a great week. :] i'll see you on sunday! :D

Trace said...

Dear Cho,
Your posts always make me really examine my own life and how I don't respond to trials/ glory in God as you do. Thank you for always pointing me back to Christ and causing me to marvel in the gospel.
Have a good finals week!

Anonymous said...

so, cho... seminary upon la graduation? :)

rebs jung said...

cho why are you so cool

Eugene Lim said...

grace week. lol.
quite the radical thinker.